2021-22 All Topic Activity Unit Full Set


Activities designed to teach the topic and the FPS problem solving process. Includes research, thinking tools, and a simulation with a practice Future Scene. Engages students in a wide variety of highly engaging instructional activities incorporating topic research with the six-step process. Lesson plans developed from best practices to integrate critical thinking. Each topic can be used as a standalone unit of study, or singular activities to focus on particular steps within the Creative Problem Solving process.

The All TAU Set includes TAUs for the following: Practice Problem 1, Practice Problem 2, Qualifying Problem, and Affiliate Bowl

PLEASE NOTE: With all of the changes in education over the last year, we want to ensure that our Topic Activity Units reflect the current educational environment as much as possible! We are working to enhance these materials, and will have our Qualifying Problem (Insects) and Affiliate Bowl (Mining) chapters ready on September 1. If you purchase this publication now, you will automatically receive notice when the other chapters are ready and will be able to download them free of charge. This also includes the coming virtual lessons for each topic.