2021-22 Readings, Research, Resources (Q&A integrated into RR&R) and All Topic Activity Unit Full Set FORMERLY COMBO #4


Available in Download PDF format only.

This set includes the following:
Practice Problem 1 – RR&R includes Q&A and TAU
Practice Problem 2 – RR&R includes Q&A and TAU
Qualifying Problem – RR&R includes Q&A and TAU
Affiliate Bowl – RR&R includes Q&A and TAU

• Terms and Definitions to establish an early understanding of the topics
• Overview of the scope of the topic
• Questions for Discussion to develop analytical skills
• Themes and Concepts to identify major trends
• Summaries and resource links to articles, infographics, videos, and other digital media

With all of the changes over the last year, we want to ensure that our Readings, Research, and Resources publication reflects the most current research and educational environment. To that end, we will have our Affiliate Bowl (Mining) chapter ready on September 1. If you purchase this publication now, you will automatically receive notice when the other chapter is ready and will be able to download it free of charge.

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