New FPS REMOTE Learning Module!

FPS current topics available through Renzulli Learning digital platform!

NEW: FPS e-learning opportunities on Renzulli Learning for current topics! The FPSPI problem based learning management system through Renzulli Learning includes access to a powerful remote learning environment for teachers and students. The Renzulli platform enables FPSPI teachers to easily manage student teams and assign scenes. The platform also enables students to work collaboratively on FPSPI problems together in a remote learning environment. Offerings include background on the topics (interactive Quizlet and links to research), lessons/activities, and an opportunity for teams to collaborate through the six-step problem solving process to solve a practice Future Scene related to the topic.

8 Topics are being provided – Each topic aligns with either a southern hemisphere school year (Jan start date) or a northern hemisphere school year (Aug/Sept start date) and follow the Future Problem Solving Program competition cycle.  (Complete topic descriptors available at

Subscription includes access for these topics:  International Travel, Sleep Patterns, Gamification, Living in Poverty, Youth in Competitive Sports, Wearable Technology, Human Environmental Impact, and Personalized Medicine.

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